Born in Bradford-On-Avon, Wiltshire in 1974.  Benjamin Prosser is a London based Artist, Musician and Writer.  He has exhibited/read in London, Edinburgh, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Helsinki and released records on Bronzerat, Rim, Velo and Fitzrovian Phonographic.

His visual, written and solo musical work is a material-led communion with self.

His collaborative musical and written work is a material-led communion with others.

Unsui Trio is a current found sound and Improvisational group.

Black Spot is Benjamin's current solo musical project.

The TAP (They're All Prostitutes) Artists Collective was a group formed with Stojan Jankovic in 2001.  Based at the Ace of Clubs Centre for Homeless people in Clapham London, the group was comprised of several of the centre's users with whom Benjamin was running a weekly Arts Workshop and various local friends.  They org anised several exhibitions/performances in the centre, local cafes and in their own home. In 2002 they released a very limited CD 'Old Wood, New Fire' on their own Black Spot Records imprint. By 2003 they had stopped curating exhibitions after much of their work was mistaken for rubbish and disposed of during redecoration by a volunteer.  Concentrating on music they abbreviated their moniker to 'The TAP Collective' and performed the occasional show as a duo.  In 2006 The recently founded Fitzrovian Phonographic Record Label decided to press 'Killing Flaw' from the 'Old Wood, New Fire' sessions as their first limited 7".  The single was backed by Benjamin's solo  'Below the Plough'.  Ed Deegan who owns the Gizzard Analogue Recording Studio in East London ( joined in 2006 and  Benjamin Swank  joined in 2008, he played drums on all tracks except 'Idle Hands', 'Killing Flaw' & 'Pursuit'.  He now works at 'Third Man' Records in Nashville.  A compilation spanning their eight year existence entitled 'The Band that Barely Was' is planned on Benjamin's 'New Cross Committee of Vigilence' CDR Label later this year.

Congregation was formed with Victoria Yeulet in 2006 & continued to 2009. Their first 7" was released on London's Velo records.  Their second 7" and only LP was released on Berlin's Bronzerat Records.

Folk Hollering was formed with School friend Mark Arend in 1998 & continued to 2001.  Alison Davis played drums.  They recorded the unreleased EP 'Back of the Holler' at Toe-rag Studios in 2000.